A Taste of Baguio

I’ve been to the City of Pines two times before. My first was when I was still a kid, way back in summer of 1994. I remembered we visited the usual tourist spots like the Grotto, Minesview Park, Philippine Military Academy (PMA), and Camp John Hay. My second visit was in November of 2007. It was literally an impromptu trip. We have Saturday work in my previous company. My officemates invited me to go to Baguio that same night. Since it’s been more than 10 years since my 1st visit, I secretly hoped that we visit the usual tourist spots. I’ve added the Chinese Temple to my list of visited tourist spots on that visit. My 3rd visit (last May) was with my group of friends. I would describe my most recent Baguio visit as “Food Trip” rather than “travel trip”. It’s a welcome change! 😉