Taipei 2014 (Part 3 – Longshan Temple | CKS | NTU | Jiufen | Modern Toilet)

Longshan Temple

Directions: Take the Taipei metro to Longshan Temple Station (blue line) and follow the signs. It’s hard to miss the temple with its distint looks.

Longshan Temple entrance

It’s the year of the horse

Inside the temple

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Directions: Take the Taipei Metro to the CKS Memorial Hall Station (green line).

What to do here: Explore the grounds of Liberty Square and be in awe of the National Theater Hall, National Concert Hall. You can also watch the hourly changing of the guards inside the memorial dedicated to koumintang leader Chiang Kai Shek.


Liberty Square Main Gate

National Theater

National Concert Hall

CKS Memorial

CKS Memorial’s ceiling

Changing of the guards

Liberty Square viewed from CKS Memorial

The CKS Memorial Hall in all its glory..

The walls surronding the square

National Taiwan University

Directions: Take the taipei Metro and alight at Guangguan Station (green line)

What to do here: If you’re a Meteor Garden fan, then no need for explanations.

Bikes on the sidewalk

NTU aka Ying De University of Meteor Garden fame


Directions: First, take the Taipei Metro to Zhongxiao Fuxing interchange station on the blue/brown line. Then find the bus stop for bus # 1062. Here’s a google maps view.

What to do here: Similar to Tamsui Old Street, Jiufen has lots of stalls that sells local delicacies. Eat and shop! Be wary though that it can be packed with tourist. We went there on a Friday and it’s full of people! The bus ride back to Taipei is traumatic. The lines were very long. We decided it would be better to do a round trip, we boarded a bus up the mountains until we reached the bus’ last stop and boarded again so we can go back to Taipei.

The entrance to Jiufen Old Street

Huuge mochi!

Various baked goodies

All kinds of trinkets

Pancake ice cream sandwich

Very crowded

Modern Toilet

Directions: Take the Taipei Metro to Ximen Station (blue line) and then follow this walking directions from Google Maps.

What’s special here: Need I explain more? To be honest, nothing special about the food, it’s the experience that makes a visit to this place worthwhile.

The waiting area


Chicken curry

Not so tasty ice cream

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