Taipei 2014 (Part 2 – Tian Wai Tian Hotpot | Yehliu Geopark | Sun Yat Sen Memorial | Taipei 101)

Tian Wai Tian Hotpot

Directions: Go to Ximending by taking the metro to Ximen Station. Use Exit 6 and follow this walking directions from Google Maps.

What’s special here: Bang-for-the-buck steamboat buffet that includes unlimited serving of Haagen Dazs ice cream and drinks (including beer!). The price varies depending on the the time of your visit. (Adults: from TWD 439 to TWD 519; Children: TWD 219)

Tian Tian’s Price List

Unlimited Haagen Dazs #HappyTummy

You can choose up to 3 broths (Regular, Spicy, Miso)

Unlimited meat including Angus beef #ItsASteal

Wide range of hot pot ingredients

Wide variety of cakes & pastries

They also have fruits

Unlimited combination

Yehliu Geopark

Directions: From Taipei Main Station, find the Taipei West Bus Terminal Station A. It was hard to find the terminal if it’s your first time so what we did is ask a station personnel. Once in the bus terminal, board bus 1815. Again, it’s safer to tell the driver that you be going to Yehliu. There’s 34 stops between Taipei and Yehliu so goodluck counting the number of stops. Once you alight at the bus stop, follow this walking directions. (Google maps)

What’s special here: Rock formations in different shapes! Entrance fee: TWD 80 for Adults

Excited to see Cleo

Lots of tourist – but definitely worth a visit

From a viewing platform

The queue for Cleo


A local fisherman who died when he tried to save a drowning student. #SadStory

She’s so popular, I can’t get a clean shot

Am I in Grand Canyon?

Be careful – a deep chasm!

Bye Yehliu!

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall 

Directions: SYS Memorial has it’s own metro station, but if you’re coming back from Yehliu Geopark, you can also also take the same 1815 bus to Taipei. on our way to Yehliu, I spotted the memorial hall and took not of its location so we can go here after Yehliu.

What’s special here: Aside from seeing the statue of SYS, the memorial hall has a plaza with a great view of Taipei 101 – Taiwan’s tallest building. (No entrance fee)

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Taiwan’s founding father and 1st president – Dr. Sun Yat Sen

I bet this would look better in daylight

Taipei 101 viewed from SYS park

Taipei 101

Directions: We just walked from SYS to Taipei 101. If you’re taking the metro though, Taipei 101 has its own station of the same name.

What to do here: See Taipei’s skyline from Taipei 101’s observatory. High end shops are also housed in the building. The famous Din Tai Fung restaurant can also be found here. Entrance Fee: TWD 500 for adults.

They look tiny from here

Scale model of the world’s fastest elevator

View from outdor observation desck

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