Taipei 2014 (Part 1 – Ximending |Ippudo TW | Beitou | Tamsui | Shilin Night Market)


Directions: The easiest way would be to take the metro to Ximen Station

Things to do: Shop and eat. There are art pieces on display inside the Red House. The grounds/patio of the Ximen Red House is sometimes converted into a bazaar. Ximending, being a shopping hub of Taipei has a lot of shops in the nearby area as well as food joints.

Ximen Red House


Ximending – Taiwan’s Shibuya

Ximen Station

Ippudo TW Taipei Main Station

Directions: Go to Taipei Main Station and Ippudo TW is located at Breeze Center, a mall inside Taipei Main Station

Ippudo’s Akamaru ramen – Yum yum yum!

A display case full of spoons

Akamaru – from another angle


Directions: Take the metro to Beitou Station. Once there, transfer to the auxiliary pink line that will take you Xinbeitou Station. From there, the tourist places are reachable by foot.

Place to visit: Beitou Thermal Valley (Free). You can also visit the Hot Spring Museum and the Puji Temple. There are a number of hot spring baths in area but we didn’t go to one because we are pressed for time.

A park in Beitou.

We passed by this amphitheater on the way to the thermal valley.

Entrance to the Thermal Valley

Thermal valley entrance

Steam billowing from the water

It looks very clean but don’t dare touch it…

Lost in Beitou – We were trying to find the Hot Spring Museum but we got lost.

Egg Tarts from KFC – surprisingly good!
 There’s a KFC branch near the train station. We went for a snack and were surprised on how good these tarts are.

Tamsui Old Street

Directions: From Beitou Station, we took the train on the same red line and alighted at the very last station, Tamsui. The street market is walking distance from the train station. Once you exit the station, go left, the entrance to the street market is parallel to the river. Google Tamsui Old Street to see what the entrance looks like.

What to do here: Shop and eat. You can sample and but local Taiwanese delicacies here. Stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tamsui Station – the bus station is in the background (left).


Tamsui Old Street

I liked this more compared to the grill version. This one doesn’t have the fishy taste.

Fort Sto. Domingo

Directions: Go back Tamsui Station and look for Bus 26. Tell the driver to drop you off For Sto. Domingo. The bus displays the next stop but it’s in Chinese. You might miss your stop, like what happened to us, if you didn’t let the driver know your alighting at Fort Sto. Domingo

What to do here: Picture taking! There’s also a museum in the what was the former consular residence. (Free)

Fort Sto. Domingo

Consular Residence – Fort Sto. Domingo Museum

Fisherman’s Wharf

Directions: If you’re coming from For Sto. Domingo, go back to the bus stop where you alighted and then board the same bus 26 bound for Fisherman’s Wharf.

What to do here: Picture taking again! The bridge and the harbor view are magnificent especially during sunset. (Free)

Lover’s Bridge

Very nice sunset view

Lover’s Bridge @ night

Shilin Night Market

Directions: Despite sharing the same name as the Shilin Metro Station, it’s easier to reach Shilin Market from Jiantian Station.

What to do here: Shop and eat! The basement floor houses lots of food stall. I have to admit though that nothing really stood out from what we’ve ordered. The ground level has stalls that mainly sells fruits and local delicacies. I bought Mochi and Pineapple cakes.

Shilin Night Market

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