HK-Macau 2013 (Part 5, Sha Tin)

From our hotel in Wan Chai, we took a bus to go to Hung Hom. From there, the East Rail line of the MTR took us to Sha Tin.  As you can see on the East Rail Line route picture below, Sha Tin is four stops away from Hung Hom.

Aboard the East Rail Line to Sha Tin

Sha Tin

10000 Buddhas Monastery

From all the tourist spots that we visited in HK, this one I think is the hardest to find. I recommend printing out the map. The entrance is on the same street where the Sha Tin Government Offices is located. We almost got scammed when we visited the 10000 Buddhas Monastery. There was a fake monk (he really looks like one) who would pretend to bless you/pray for you as you enter the premises (right before climbing the steps to the temple). He also gave us a buddhist bracelet. We thought we were being polite/respectful. T’was a difficult situation to be in to be honest. There was a warning sign about this probably halfway through the climb.. but it was too late! We already gave the fake monk our money. Thinking that he was already gone from his spot, we went ahead to the temple. We talked to the caretakers to report the incident but nothing came out of it. Thinking all is lost, we went down to go to our next stop (New Town Plaza). On the way down, we were surprised when we saw 4 caucasian men wearing similar bracelets. Aha he’s still there. That’s where I confronted him. He even pretended that he cannot understand me. I threatened him that we will call the police. At first, he only wanted to give us half the money back (100 HKD). Thankfully, he gave in to the pressure and returned all our money. Very stressful.. and ruined an otherwise very enjoyable day. Hard lesson learned. We then reported the incident in Sha Tin’s tourism office. I’m not sure though if they really reported the incident to the police. Hopefully, this post help prepare you if you’re in the same situation.

You’ve been warned

Golden Buddhas on the stairs leading to the temple

More golden buddhas

Statues across the main temple (no picture taking inside the main temple)

The 9-storey Pagoda

Be prepared to climb! (taken atop the hill where the main temple is)

New Town Plaza  From 10000 Buddhas, we traced our way back to the MTR station. New Town Plaza is directly linked to the MTR station so we didn’t have any trouble finding it. It’s quite a big shopping mall. We had lunch in one of the restaurants in the uppermost floor. The price range is a bit steeper compared to food courts.

Our lunch

New Town Plaza

Snoopy’s World Located in Phase 1 Level of New Town Plaza. This is an outdoor playground and not really a theme park comparable to Disneyland or Ocean Park. We didn’t have the chance to go inside because it was closed for the day when we visited.

Snoopy’s World, closed for the day because it rained that morning

Snoopy having a nap

Sha Tin Park In my opinion, Nan Lian Gardens in Diamond Hill is still better but this place is also worth visiting.

Beijing 2008 Mascot 1

Beijing 2008 Mascot 2

Sha Tin Marriage Registry

Sha Tin Park

I’m a big fan of bridges and ponds

From another angle

Sha Tin Park

Sha Tin Park Panorama

Back to HKIA After making our way back to our hotel in Wan Chai. We boarded the A11 bus to go to HKIA. After depositing our luggage at the airline counter, we had a tasty dinner in Maxim’s in the arrival area.

BBQ Pork @ Maxim’s HKIA

Baked Porkchop @ Maxim’s HKIA

That concludes our 5 day Macau-Hong Kong Trip. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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