HK-Macau 2013 (Part 2, Macau-side Tourist Spots| Wharney Guang Dong Hotel)

We started day 2 of our Macau-HK trip by having breakfast in our hotel. Our hotel booking does not include one but we just bought breakfast coupons upon realizing that it would eat too much time trying to find a decent and affordable breakfast. Although there’s limited options, it’s enough to give us enough energy to start our day.

A-ma Temple

We took the public bus towards Barra. We almost missed our stop because we were still raving about the House of Dancing Water which we saw the day before. We spent only a few minutes in this temple. I just took some pictures because there’s a lot of people already when we got there. 

One of many alcoves

Stone carvings along the staircase

Macau Maritime Museum

This is located right beside A-ma Temple. If I’m not mistaken,  the entrance fee costs MOP 15. Since it’s only our second stop and we’re already exhausted (it’s very hot that day), we decided to make the most of the museum’s air-conditioning. 😀

A-ma Temple and Macau Maritime Museum

A dioroma inside the museum

A ship displayed in the museum’s 2nd floor

Ferdinand Magellan’s route to the Philippines

A scale model of a TurboJet ferry

Senado Square

From A-ma Temple, we just took the public bus to go to Senado Square. We didn’t dare to loiter around because it’s too hot. We just stopped by Sto. Domingo Church which is also in Senado Square.

A building in Senado Square

One of the shops around Senado Square

Sto. Domingo Church (exterior)

Sto. Domingo Church (interior – am I back in the Philippines?)

Ruins of St. Paul

From Senado Square, we traveled by foot towards the Ruins of St. Paul by just following the signs conveniently provided by the tourism board. Feel free to taste the samples offered by the the stores in the street that lead to the ruins.

Shall we name this “Free-taste Street”?

Statues in front of the ruins

The ruins

Na Tcha Temple

I’ve read about this temple when I was researching for this trip. It should be on the left side if you’re facing the ruins. However, when we went to the are I almost didn’t recognize that it was a temple. I think they’re doing maintenance works at that time.

Na Tcha Temple

Museum of Macau

This museum should be on your right side if you are facing the ruins. There’s an entrance fee to enter the exhibit area (MOP 30 if I remember correctly). You can opt not to enter the exhibit and proceed right away to the roof deck. It offers a great view of Macau (no ticket needed).

The current exhibit

The silk road

Fine china

Grand Lisboa from Macau Museum

Guia Lighthouse from Macau Museum

Fisherman’s Wharf

It’s already lunchtime when we finished exploring the museum. Unfortunately we cannot find a good place to eat. We took the public bus towars Macau Sands/Fisherman’s Wharf hoping that there’s a good place to eat in the area. We settled for the KFC located inside the Sands Casino. We’re already hungry and we’re not sure if there’s a good place to eat in FW.

KFC Buddy Meal

After eating, we just crossed the street to go to FW. We should have visited FW on our first day but we ran out of time. I would recommend visiting this place at night, for it’s a ghost town at noon. There’s only a handful of shops open and the heat is very exhausting. Good thing we managed to grab some nice photos.

Am I in Amsterdam?

Am I in Rome?

Am I in Rome? 2

Sands Macau from Fisherman’s Wharf


We also took the public bus going to Wynn. Our main purpose in going to this hotel is to watch the free shows it offers. At that time, I didn’t know that the Tree of Prosperity and the Dragon’s Treasure shows alternates every 30 minutes. We were able to catch the latter. It’s quite a short show but it’s free, I’ll take it. 🙂

Wynn’s facade

Chinese Zodiacs in gold

This houses the dragon (and the tree)

A really big dragon

We headed back to our hotel to pick up our luggages. Along the way, we bought some goodies in Koi Kei bakery and tried out Macau’s famous delicacy, the egg tart. It’s delicious! Not too sweet! Just right!

Koi Kei’s egg tart

Macau Ferry Terminal

After picking up our luggage, we took the public bus bound for the ferry terminal. Just a friendly reminder, in the Macau-HK ferry terminal vocabulary, HK = HK Island (not entire HK) so ferries going to Hong Kong will port in Sheung Wan. There’s also ferries going to Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui). This might be a source of confusion.

One of Macau’s bridges viewed from the ferry terminal

Wharney Guang Dong Hotel @ Wan Chai

After arriving in Sheung Wan, we immediately looked for the MTR station. It’s in the basement levels and took me 2 persons to ask before I saw the familiar MTR icon. We boarded the train towards Wan Chai.

I initially booked @ Oi Suen Guesthouse in Mongkok via Days before our trip, I saw this hotels promo in When I saw the pictures, my initial reaction is that the rooms are bigger than those in Casa Hotel (we stayed there last Feb 2012).  True enough, their rooms are bigger. The hotel is also conveniently located. It’s just one block away from MTR station and A11 bus stop. There’s also a lot of convenience stores in the hotel’s vicinity.

Standard Room @ Wharney GDH

Twin Beds @ Wharney GDH

Bathroom @ Wharney GDH

There’s also this eatery just across our hotel named Hayhay Kitchen. This is our go-to eating place during our stay.

Beef curry

Eggplant with Minced Pork over rice

Mongkok Shopping

After resting a bit we took the MTR to Mongkok to do a bit of shopping. Maybe I’m not really a big fan of street markets because I came home empty-handed from the Ladies Market. We also passed by Fa Yuen street (which sells sporting goods) but I didn’t find anything good to buy.


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