HK-Macau 2013 (Part 1, SkyPier |Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel | House of Dancing Water | Venetian)

Hong Kong International Airport and SkyPier

We arrived in HKIA around 10 AM. We immediately looked for the Skypier because we’ll head directly to Macau as planned. If I’m not mistaken SkyPier is in the E2 area. It looks like an ordinary ticket counter. There are LCD screens on the counter that displays the sailing times to different destinations. There are currently 2 ferry operators plying the HKIA-Macau route.  One of them is TurboJet. The fare costs HKD 246. 

The trick for SkyPier is you should never pass through the immigration and don’t lose your boarding pass from your flight to HK (if you have checked-in luggage). The ferry operators will pick your checked luggage for you using your boarding pass. Not far from the ticket counter is the entrance to the people mover. If you’re facing the counter, it’s just at the back side, a very short walk from there.  

Steak and Eggs Meal @ Super Super

While waiting for boarding, we ate at Super Super (I think this is also owned by Cafe de Coral). We ordered Steak and Eggs set meal. They’re only serving breakfast meals at that moment. The macaroni soup tastes rather bland, the rest of the food are OK.

We tried to check-in for the ferry around 30 minutes before departure, but when they scanned our tickets, they asked us to come back after 15 minutes. They have yet to pick up our luggage. . I think they won’t let you board unless they already secured your checked luggage. We did some window shopping to pass the time. The 2nd time around, we were allowed to enter SkyPier. Once inside, the escalators will lead you down to the people mover. It’s just a train that will take you to the ferry gates. One thing I still don’t understand until now is how to determine your designated ferry gate. It’s not printed on our tickets so we just went to the attendants to ask (always ask if you’re uncertain). 

We reached Macau safely. The sail was smooth. The ferry is not even half-full.

Macau Ferry Terminal

Upon completing the immigration procedures, we looked for the ticket counters. It’s in the 2nd floor . Same day tickets are sold on the right side. On the left side, you can buy tickets for other dates.

Macau Bus routes

I already researched what bus to take to go to our hotel. I just used Google maps directions. If you have a smartphone, it’s advisable to take screenshots of the direction list and map view of your bus stops. This will give you and idea how to walk to/from the bus stop. Since you may not have internet connection all the time, the screenshot will be your reference. All bust stops in Macau has a list of stops included in its route. You’ll have to research which bus stop is nearest to your destination.

There also free shuttles in Macau offered by the different casinos. Once you have a general idea of which casinos is near your destination, you can ride these shuttles as an alternative.

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel 

This hotel just walking distance from Senado Square. I chose this hotel over Best Western Sun Sun because it’s nearer to the said landmark, not to mention it’s also cheaper by a few hundred bucks. The nearest bus stop is Kam Pek Community Center if coming from the ferry terminal/Cotai area. We almost didn’t find the hotel, it’s location in the map is a bit confusing. We almost backtracked to the bus stop but upon turning we saw it right in front of us. There are many bakeries like Koi Kei that sells local delicacies in the area.

The room is actually very good. They provide toiletries like toothbrush, soap, and shampoo. The shower has a glass enclosure. Overall, the room is clean and comfy. The wi-fi connection is also very good.

I booked this room via, note that service charge + taxes of 15% are not yet included in price (this is indicated in the booking page).

City of Dreams and House of Dancing Water

City of Dreams and Hard Rock Hotel

This dragon will greet you at the lobby of COD

We took a bus to City of Dreams, the fare is around MOP 6+. There’s a bit of traffic near COD as there’s some road works. We arrived in COD still early for the 5PM show of HODW. While waiting, we ate at City Cafe. The luncheon meat bun was waaaayyyy better than the one with chorizo.

Luncheon Meat Bun is the one on the left

Let’s give it up for the highlight of this day! The House of Dancing Water! The show is a full house. We only bought the cheapest (HKD 580) but since the theater is circular, you can see everything very well. This show deserves all the praise that I’ve read. There are really moments when you don’t know where to look. There’s just so many things going on at the same time. We were particularly amazed by their stage, it transforms into a swimming pool where the performers can Olympic dive and then in a few seconds become a solid ground where they can do somersaults, dance, or even do motorcycle stunts. Words are not enough to describe this magnificent show!

If budget permits, you might want to consider Hard Rock hotel’s promo, 1 night hotel + 2 tickets for HODW w/ breakfast. I think you only need to add a few hundred bucks to stay in a much better hotel.


The Venetian (viewed from COD)

Paintings at the ceiling of Venetian’s lobby

A fountain inside Venetian

Venetian is right across COD. We went to the Grand Canal shops but didn’t ride the gondola. It’s outrageously expensive! It’s effin’ equivalent to a ferry ticket to Hong Kong. We had our dinner at Venetian’s food court. Heck! It’s the most expensive food court’s I’ve been! The average price for a rice meal is HKD 80.

Gondola ride


Beef Curry

Chicken Teriyaki

Since it’s already getting late and we still have so much to do for Day 2, we decided to go back to our hotel. Thing is, I forgot to research what bus to take to go back to our hotel. Worry not! We took the free shuttle from City of Dreams to Hotel Sintra which is near Senado Square which is near our hotel. Note that Venetian does not have a shuttle going to Senado.

That’s all for Day 1. More to come..


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