Ilocos 2012 (Part 2, Evangeline’s Resort | Pagudpud North Tour)

Evangeline’s Resort

While researching for this trip, I’ve read that Evangeline’s Resort is one of the best in town, so I decided to split our stay in Pagudpud into two accomodations. One night in June & Carol’s and one night in Evangeline’s. After having breakfast (also at Evangeline’s), we transferred our luggage from Jun & Carol’s to Evangeline’s before asking our tour guide to fetch us. They gave us an amazing attic room!

Our attic room

Our bathroom


Pagudpud North Tour

Like the South Tour, the trip cost 600 Pesos per tricycle/rickshaw.  Fees (very minimal) to optional stops like Kabigan Falls and Agua Grande are not included though. The North Tour includes the following stops:

  • Kabigan Falls

Closest to Pagudpud town proper is the trail to Kabigan Falls. Our tour guide dropped us off at the tourist post. After paying the entrance and tour guide fee, we started our trek to the waterfalls site. It’s quite a long walk but you won’t get bored. Various nature scenes will keep you entertained. An example of which is this carabao:

The term Kabigan (not Kaibigan) came from the local word “kabig” means to steer in English. The word describes the winding path towards the falls. After approximately three-quarters of an hour, we finally met the famous Kabigan Falls.

The water is cold, very enjoyable on a hot day.

We swam to our hearts content. I really suggest you include Kabigan in your trip if you like freshwater swimming. According to our tour guide, the water temperature feels cold on a hot day but warm when it’s raining. That’s just the first stop of this wonderful tour!

  • Blue Lagoon

Back in the tourist center, we met Kuya Angel and headed straight to Blue Lagoon. It’s another 15-20 minute ride from Kabigan. Blue Lagoon is famous for its blue water, hence the name. Lining the beach of Blue Lagoon are cottages for rent. I think the only noticeable resort there is Hannah’s. Unlike Saud, where the beach is lined with various “resorts”. What I liked most in Blue Lagoon is that the waves are not that big. It’s much easier to swim here than Saud.

Blue Lagoon

We didn’t need to rent our own cottage. There’s only two of us so we just asked our tour guide to look after our things while waiting for our lunch to be prepared in one of the several diners across the road.

  • Dos Hermanos Islands

Located just a few hundred meters away from Blue Lagoon is Dos Hermanos Islands. They’re two small islands that are very close to the shore. Perfect for photos! 🙂

  • Bantay Abot Cave and Tigmantang Rock Formation

You can actually pass by these two stops before Blue Lagoon but we decided not to because it’s already lunchtime. I put these two together as they are somehow related. A male and female organ symbol??

Bantay Abot Cave

Tigmantang Rock Formation

Just across the road from Tigmantang rock is a hill, now being popularly called “Coco Martin Mountain: by the locals. This site was used in a scene from the telenovela “Walang Hanggan” featuring the actor of the same name.

  • Patapat Viaduct

This picturesque spot is about 10-15 minutes away from Blue Lagoon. Even though it’s a public road, there’s not too much vehicles passing by. You can take your time here and capture that perfect moment.

  • Paraiso ni Anton

It’s diminutive compared to Kabigan, but you won’t need to trek to find Paraiso ni Anton. It’s just beside the road 5 minutes away from Patapat. It’s crystal-clear cold water is a refuge for tired drivers needing a rest. It was named after a local politician whose worn-down house is just a few meters across the road.

We also stopped by Agua Grande. Unfortunately I don’t have a clear picture I can post here. There’s an entrance fee but it’s very minimal I can’t remember the amount. We went to a spot where the downstream flow of the river can soothe your aching muscles. It’s quite nice after a long and tiring day.

PS: Here’s some pictures of what we ate that day..

From L-R T-B:
French Toast @ Evangeline
Tocino Meal @ Evangeline
A local delicacy @ one of the stalls on our way down from Kabigan
Shrimp Sinigang @ Evangeline
Stuffed Squid @ Evangeline
Mango Crepe @ Evangeline


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