A Taste of Baguio

I’ve been to the City of Pines two times before. My first was when I was still a kid, way back in summer of 1994. I remembered we visited the usual tourist spots like the Grotto, Minesview Park, Philippine Military Academy (PMA), and Camp John Hay. My second visit was in November of 2007. It was literally an impromptu trip. We have Saturday work in my previous company. My officemates invited me to go to Baguio that same night. Since it’s been more than 10 years since my 1st visit, I secretly hoped that we visit the usual tourist spots. I’ve added the Chinese Temple to my list of visited tourist spots on that visit. My 3rd visit (last May) was with my group of friends. I would describe my most recent Baguio visit as “Food Trip” rather than “travel trip”. It’s a welcome change! 😉

Going to Baguio is very easy, we booked our bus tickets a week in advance at Victory Liner’s Cubao Terminal. The deluxe ticket costs Php 720. Our bus departed the terminal 12:15 AM that Saturday. We arrived in their Baguio terminal right before 6 AM. Right then and there, we looked for a return trip to Manila. Victory’s deluxe trips were already sold out so we decided to look for other options. It turned out to be a good decision because we’ll soon find out the Joybus’ deluxe trip costs just Php 650. With our return trip already booked. It’s time for the most important meal of the day. My friend suggested that we go to Glenn 50’s Diner. The decors aim to bring you back in time to the 1950’s (as the name suggests). Have a look below:

Glenn 50's Diner

That’s the owner’s car!

Our group mainly ordered staple Filipino breakfast. The average meal price is Php 90 per person. You just need to add 10 pesos if you like to have coffee or iced tea. Food is good but nothing extraordinary.

50's Diner breakfast

Their coffee was served from an unconventional container
They use milk instead of creamer.
We ordered Tapsilog, Cornsilog, Fresh Eggs with Hotdog and Bacon etc.

With nothing to do between after breakfast and our check-in time, we toured around the city. We divided our group into 3 teams of 4. We hired taxis to reach our destinations. Unlike Manila, their taxi drivers will only charge you what is displayed on the meter. The only exception would be if your destination is quite far, like the PMA, where it would be logical for you to hire them on a per hour basis (250 pesos if I’m not mistaken). We visited Minesview Park, Good Shepherd convent, The Mansion, and PMA. Good Shepherd is just a short distance by foot from MinesView Park. We had to take another taxi from Good Shepherd to The Mansion.

Minesview Park

Various items for sale @ Minesview Park

Minesview 2

Good Shepherd

Mansion Gate

The Mansion

Wright Park

Wright Park is just across the street from the Mansion.


Note that the guards won’t let you in if you’re wearing slippers. Don’t be a victim like me! 😀

I was not allowed inside PMA. I also found the guards very rude. I don’t see why wearing slippers is not allowed. I didn’t argue with them though. So after a very brief stay in PMA’s front gates, we headed back to Camp John Hay’s Mile Hi center to regroup and do some window shopping. We didn’t find any bargains though, so we headed to Forest House to have lunch.

Forest House

Sisig with Bagnet
3 Dip Forest House Special Salad
Pork Steak with Mushroom
Jakero Porkchop
Potato Cheese Chowder Soup

After having our sumptuous lunch, we went back to Teachers Village to have a quick afternoon nap. Not long after, there’s a heavy downpour that continued throughout the night. We had to settle for Dencio’s restaurant in SM Baguio because it’s too much of a hassle to roam around Baguio. It’s also a struggle to find taxis that night, the queues in SM were very long. We had to go to the street near Hotel 45 to find a taxi. We also bought some alcoholic drinks in that vicinity. We won’t let the rain ruin our fun! We partied in our “cabin” that night!

We woke up very late the next morning and with only one bathroom, we only have time for brunch. It’s a good one though. We went to Hillstation at Casa Vallejo.

Hill Station

Forest House breakfast

Forest House view

Our trip was kinda ruined by the rain. I would love to stay for quite longer but our bus will leave in 30 minutes. I took comfort in thinking that I’m bringing a bit of Baguio home with me. I bought some jams from Good Shepherd and they’re very delicious! Indeed, Baguio is a gastronomic paradise!

Good Shepherd Jams

I love the Ube (Purple Yam) Jam!!!

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