Hong Kong 2012 (Part 3, Ocean Park)

Until the entry of Disneyland in 2005, Ocean Park is the premier theme park destination in Hong Kong. Although it was established in 1970’s, the park is still well-maintained and remains to be a must-see attraction for HK first-timers and thrill-seeking visitors.

The day right after we visited Disneyland, we went to Ocean Park. Like Disneyland, Ocean Park is also fairly easy to find. From our hotel in Yau Ma Tei, we took the red line train going to Admiralty station. We then followed the signs to find the bus stop for Bus 629. This bus will drop you right at the entrance of Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Ocean Park is separated into two main sections by a mountain. Waterfront is located at the foot of the mountain. The Summit, as its name suggests, sits at the top of the mountain. We opted to explore the lower sections first.

I’m a huge fan of bird shows so when I saw that there’s a show scheduled for 11 am, we opted to watch it. There’s not much variety of birds in this show compared to Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park but these birds and their intelligence are still very admirable.

Emperors of the Sky

Emperors of the Sky

The SkyFair Celebrations is an acrobatic show. That day, the show was scheduled right after Emperors of the Sky. We hassled our way from the Amazing Bird Theater towards the SkyFair grounds. There were already a number of people sitting on their benches when we got there. Although I must admit that the acts they perform are daredevil acts, I kind of felt that the show is a bit underwhelming. I think my expectations were just too high. Here’s some pics:

SkyFair CelebrationsSkyFair Celebrations

SkyFair Celebrations

Just nearby is the Amazing Bird Theater is Whisker’s Theater. It’s the stage for Whisker’s and Friends show. The official description from Ocean Park reads “Sing, dance and play games with Whiskers and his friends. A wonderful show for children of all ages!”. We really thought this show is exciting. It turned out to be a not so good experience. The show is in Cantonese/Chinese and there’s no translations. We left the theater after a few minutes because we felt we’re wasting time.

We then had our lunch at Neptune’s Restaurant. This is an aquarium restaurant. It boasts an unobstructed view of Ocean Park’s Grand Aquarium. We availed their buffet lunch. However, I must say that it’s NOT a must. The food is forgettable.

We felt we had nothing left to do at the lower sections so we decided to take the cable car to go to The Summit. It was our first time to ride any cable car. It’s exciting but really scary (it’s windy and the car is not that steady) if you look down (LOL). When I was up there, I tried to not think about “what if we fall” and just tried to appreciate the view. It helps a lot! Here’s a sample:

I think it was already almost 2pm when we reached the summit. We’re just in time for The “Sea Dreams!” show. It’s basically a dolphin and sea-lion show. This show is a must! It’s located at the Ocean Theater. If you can go to the theater earlier, the better. The best seats are, of course, in the middle of the theater. Since we were seated at the far right, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the sea-lion because my view is obstructed. Here’s some clips:

Sea Dreams!


Thrill rides, viewed from Ocean Theater

Thrill rides, view from Ocean Theater

You may be wondering why there aren’t any pictures of any of the thrill rides yet? Well, in my younger days I may have tried all of them (alone!). I think I got scared of heights ever since I had that 4×4 SUV accident on the way up to Mt. Pinatubo. The roller coasters are also on the edge of the cliff. That makes it a lot scarier than it actually is. “I’m not going home without riding one!” I mustered all my courage and chose the Mine Train. 😀

The Mine Train


  • I would suggest to visit Ocean Park before you visit Disneyland. I think it’s one the reasons why we find OP a bit underwhelming. If you can, don’t do them in consecutive days.
  • If you want to save some money, don’t buy bottled water inside the park. Bottled water inside the park is I think 4x pricier.
  • Ocean Park also has their own mascots. The mascots are scattered in various areas. We found the dolphin mascot near the entrance. We found the panda at Panda’s cafe . And the fish, at a stall somewhere in the vicinity of Panda’s cafe. Of the three, I liked the fish the most. 😛
Mascots of Ocean Park

Mascots of Ocean Park


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