Hong Kong 2012 (Part 2, Hong Kong Disneyland)

It was a Saturday. After having our breakfast at Casa Hotel’s diner, we took the train to go to HK Disneyland!!!! Thank goodness HK Disneyland is very accessible. Unlike Walt Disney World in Orlando (which is in the middle of nowhere), it only took us two interchange station to get to HK Disneyland. From Yau Ma Tei station, we took the red line train and alighted at Lai King station, we next took the Tung Chung line train and alighted at Sunny Bay station. Then we crossed to the other side where the Disney train is waiting for us!! It was quite a short ride, we were busy taking pictures and then suddenly the train is coming to a stop. We’ve arrived at the happiest place on earth!!! It’s my second Disneyland visit but it still feels like the first time, the magic is still there! Mickey, with his arms wide open, greeted me with a smile as if saying “Welcome back!”.

HK Disneyland

We already decided that the parade and the stage shows will be our top priority for this visit. It turns out we won’t really need to do an Amazing Race inside Disney because there’s not a lot of visitors that day. The average waiting time for the rides is 15 minutes (compared to an hour or so when I visited Magic Kingdom). With just enough time to spare before the first stage show performance we want to watch, we rode the Space Mountain. I knew that it’s an indoor roller coaster but I never imagined it would be so dark inside. The ride is not very enjoyable for me I should say. We were already in line for the boat service to Tarzan’s Tree House when we decided to back out because I estimated that if we go there we’ll miss the 1st performance The Festival of the Lion King. It would turn out to be a very wise decision!! This stage show is like a concise version of its Broadway musical, but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless. The show is performed on a circular theater. As such, no matter where you’re seated, you will always have a good view. Here’s some clips!

Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

After the show, we strolled around for a bit then decided it’s time for lunch. I mentioned in my previous post that we availed of the 3-in 1 Dining coupon from CTS. It entitles you to one meal lunch and one meal for dinner from Starliner Diner, Comet Cafe, or Clopin’s Festival of food. You can also avail a drink or a popcorn using the 3rd coupon. Here’s a sample meal:

The salted egg complements the chicken and sausage very well

While waiting for the parade, we visited Stitch Encounter and It’s a Small World. Sadly, cameras are not allowed inside Stitch Encounter. I have lots of pics from It’s a Small World though! Here’s some of them:

It's a Small World

It’s a Small World

I liked Stitch Encounter because there were lots of audience participation. I liked It’s a Small World’s because it’s simply amazing!

Even after visiting these attractions, there’s still plenty of time before the start of the parade. We took the time to stroll and take some photos.

Around 30 minutes before the parade, people already gathered in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. We managed to get a bench to get a better view of the parade. It’s very different from the parade in Magic Kingdom. The parade features all major Disney characters.

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Only one stage show left, but I’m getting hungry so I availed of these very delicious caramel popcorns!!

Finally, it’s high time for the Golden Mickeys. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. There were already a lot of people in front. When we were finally inside the theater, it’s almost full. We managed to find a seat on the right side. Maybe I had high expectations after Festival of the Lion King, but this one is not as enjoyable. I managed to get some pics:

The Golden Mickeys

The Golden Mickeys

Now that we crossed out our main priorities from our list, we opted to visit the almost secluded area of Toy Story Land. I wanted to try the Parachute Drop but the line is too long. I passed this time around.

Sites and Sights

Sites and Sights

Our feet is begging us to sit so we thought it’s a good idea to ride the train that loops around the park. We were almost at the entrance when we saw the various Disney characters ready for photo ops in their gazebos. We decided to seize the opportunity. Minnie, Donald, and Winnie didn’t have much people in their queues. We already have a picture with Stitch because we found him after our Space Mountain ride earlier in the day. They’re very cuuuutttee and huggable!!

After spending an hour in total in those gazebos, our stomachs were crumbling. We located the nearest restaurant where we can avail our dinner coupon. I tried another variety but almost tastes the same as the one I had for lunch. We also took some rest because our feet were already hurting from walking all day long. By the time we decided to find a place for the fireworks display, the area in front of the castle was already full! We don’t want to stand so we just used the ground as our seats.

With the fireworks over, we wrapped up our visit to HK Disneyland. I promised myself that next time, I’ll prioritize Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Parachute Drop, Autopia, and all the other rides I missed this visit. I’ll definitely be back soon!!


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