We have a winner! – Puerto Princesa, Palawan

My Feb 2010 trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan has been by far the most hassle-free. Here’s why:

  1. I booked our hotel thru DirectWithHotels. We stayed at PADS. This hotel is owned by Legend Hotels. Our room was very cozy but not pricey! The room is good for two and at that time cost 1600 pesos per night on weekends and 1400 pesos on weeknights. Because it shares the same entrance as Legend Hotel, other people perceive us as “richer” than what we really are; that would most of the time equate to more “respect”.
  2. Everything we did there were part of a tour. City tour for the first day, Underground River for the second, and Honda Bay for the third. The city tour wasn’t really plane. It was just offered to us by the tricycle driver who took us from our hotel to Ka Lui’s restaurant. I can’t really remember how much the city tour was but I bet it’s not very expensive. I booked the Underground River and Honda Bay tours online. Each of these tours are a little over a thousand pesos. The people who runs these tours are very well trained. They make you feel welcome. They know how to deal with tourists and so far they’re the best I’ve encountered.
  3. We never had a problem when it comes to transportation. We were picked up at the airport by the hotel shuttle. The tours includes includes the transportation so they’re really hassle-free. If you want to roam around the city, you can just hail a tricycle. I think these tricycle drivers are also trained how to deal with tourists. They’re very courteous. They won’t rush you when you’re shopping. They’ll even recommend places you can go for eating, shopping, sightseeing and they won’t try to rip you off.

Here’s some pics from our tour. Hopefully I could come back. I would love to see Dos Palmas! 😉
Crocodile Farm

Crocodile Farm

Underground River Tour

Underground River Tour

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