Twice Already: Bantayan Island, Cebu

Back in 2007, I tagged along with my office friend’s college friends when they visited Cebu City. Included in their itinerary is a visit to Bantayan Island –  an island way north of the province – it takes ~3 hours (in addition to 1 hour flight from Manila) to go there from Cebu’s capital. At that time I was skeptic… I had no idea what this island has to offer. It turns out this island is well worth the travel time! Oh, that veeeerrrrryy fine white sand beach!

Bantayan Island 2007

Bantayan Island 2007

I had this notion that more promo seats are on offer if your destination is the airline’s main hub. Thus, when another round of “zero” fare was offered by Cebu Pacific in 4th quarter of 2009, I immediately sought tickets bound for Cebu for our group of 8. 6 are coming from Manila, 2 from Davao. The price? 125 pesos per pax… round trip!

Come June of 2010… after months of waiting, our group went to Cebu. I was really awed by the beauty of Bantayan from my first visit and I want to share it with my friends. I manipulated asked my friends to include this island to our itinerary.

Bantayan Island 2010

Bantayan Island 2010

Naturally, I can’t help but compare these two trips:

In 2007, we stayed at Sta. Fe Beach Club.

The resort has watersports facilities you can avail of. At that time they have a banana boat ride and jet ski rental. The main advantage of staying here, however,  is that you can also use Ogtong Beach Resort’s facilities. They will also arrange free transfers for you if you want to visit Ogtong Beach Resort. Ogtong Beach Resort has a cave, a nice site for photo ops. If you’re like me who doesn’t like salty water ruining my swimming, Ogtong’s swimming pool is the answer. They also have a mini zoo.

In 2010, we stayed at Budyong Beach Resort.

What’s nice about this place? The price! It was June of 2010 so there’s not that many guest at the resort. We were just supposed to avail of the cottages in the 2nd line from the shore but we’re upgraded to the cottages in the beach front at no extra cost. Money matters aside, I like how calm the sea in front of Budyong was when we were there. There’s almost no waves! It’s like an infinite saltwater pool! I don’t know though if it’s just the tides or the timing of our visit. The food in the resort’s restaurant is cheaper than that of Sta. Fe’s.

The winner? Nah, I’ll let you choose! 😛

So there, if you’re longing for the beach and would want some quiet time to unwind, don’t go to Boracay. Go to Bantayan! 😉

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