My First Trip to Davao

How much is the cheapest roundtrip airfare you purchased? Mine was a 120 peso roundtrip ticket to Cebu. Can it get any lower than that?? The answer is Y-E-S! A dear (beautiful!-sexy!-intelligent!) friend of mine bought tickets for our whole group to Davao for a – wait for it …. drumrolls please !!! – FIFTY SIX PESOS each!

So there we go, our whole group (in batches) went to Davao. The details are nothing but a blur of memory now. I’m writing this blog to try to jog my memory a bit.

On our first day, we went to Eden Nature Park. You’ve never been to Davao if you haven’t been here! It’s a bit outside of the city though. Travel time is I think a little more than an hour, if I’m not mistaken. We availed of the buffet? snack and the guided tour. The tour is currently priced at PHP 120 per person. If I remember right, our tour was cut short by the heavy rains.

Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park

On our second day, we went to the Pearl Farm Resort for a day tour. I really appreciated the high-class feel of the place. From the pick-up/dock station to the food to the cleanliness of the place. There were lots of food at the buffet lunch and we surely had our fill. We swam in the pool and the beach to our hearts content. We were even lucky enough to have a private villa where we can stay for the day. If ever there is a next time, I will stay at least 1 night!!!

The Pearl Farm

The Pearl Farm

Eden Nature Park – Website:

Pearl Farm Resort – Website:


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