A Pinch of Singapore

Singapore is relatively a small country. Yet, 3 days ain’t enough to see everything.  I managed to see the following on my first trip to Singapore:


It was already mid-afternoon when my plane touched down. My friend picked me up at the airport. After leaving my luggage at his place in Geylang (yes Geylang! – more on that later), we immediately set off to a walking tour around the city.

random sights around the city

random sights around the city

A word of warning, if you’re walking around Geylang and has no intention to do the “deed” walk fast. Those girls can do “fancy” things to get your attention.


My friend also happened to have free tickets to Singapore Zoo. There were lot of animals and there were some shows too. The only thing I complained about is the very humid weather.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo


Day 3 is Sentosa Day. Back then, Universal Studios Singapore’s construction is just under way. So there’s nothing to do but the usual Sentosa stuff.



I would have stayed longer but my flight back to Manila is 4PM. I promise I would see more of Singapore next time around.


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