Reminiscing Autumn of 2008

Being born in a country of tropical climate, I only experienced the autumn season once, and that was in 2008. I remembered making two trips on consecutive weekends just to shoot autumn sceneries.

Weekend 1 – Roanoke Rapids, NC

We traveled to the northern part of North Carolina (almost at the border with Virginia) to visit  the Roanoke Rapids Canal.

Roanoke Rapids

Roanoke Rapids

Weekend 2 – Grandfather Mountain, Linville, NC

This time we drove west towards the border to Tennessee to catch a glimpse of the Grandfather Mountain.

Grandfather Mountain

Grandfather Mountain

It has a mini zoo – the most prominent animal there are black bears.

We also crossed the Mile-Hi bridge. As the name suggests, it’s a swinging bridge about a mile high above the ground. A word of warning for those with fear of heights, it’s scary up there, especially when the wind is blowing quite hard.

Mile-Hi Bridge

Mile-Hi Bridge

I just have to post this photo: aren’t they cute? We saw them while walking up the trail towards the mini zoo.

Awww, very cute smiles!

Awww, very cute smiles!


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