A Daytrip to Norfolk, Virginia

Since we’re all looking to make the most of our US stay, we all agreed to do a daytrip to Norfolk, VA. The city of Norfolk is situated at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and is around 3 hours drive from Wake Forest, NC.

On our itenerary were the following: Nauticus, MacArthur Memorial, and Norfolk Botanical Gardens.



I don’t know exactly why but I’m a Naval battleĀ aficionado, hence, the stop at Nauticus is a must. Docked in this naval museum is USS Wisconsin – a veteran of World War II (Pacific Theater) and Korean War.

Out next stop is the nearby MacArthur Memorial – dedicated to General Douglas MacArthur. He is laid to rest in this place. The memorial’s lobby is inscribed with the name of places he fought – including Lingayen, Corregidor, and Bataan.

MacArthur Memorial

MacArthur Memorial

Our last stop for the day is one for the nature lovers, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The place is serene and a thing of beauty. The atmosphere is very relaxing – oh how I wish I could have days like this everyday.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Norfolk Botanical Gardens


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