Wilmington, North Carolina – My Dream Hometown

I’m a One Tree Hill fan. So when I found out that Wilmington just 2 hours drive from our place in Wake Forest, I convinced my friends to go. So that fine, bright and sunny day we toured around Tree Hill Wilmington.

Our first stop for the day is a bit of history (literally). USS North Carolina is docked as a museum along the banks of the Cape Fear river.

USS North Carolina

Our next stop is the one I’m most excited about. A tour of the studios used by One Tee Hill. Unfortunately we were only allowed to take photos outside. This is what I came up with.

OTH Studio

The tour (at that time) includes a visit to the following sets:

  • Peyton and Brook’s beach house
  • Tree Hill High School
  • Nathan and Haley’s house
  • Red Bedroom Record’s Office and Studio

OTH Studios 2

And last but not least is a tour of downtown Wilmington – on foot! I was literally in awe by the sights I’m seeing.

  • Downtown Wilmington

Downtown Wilmington

Wilmington Skyline

Wilmington Skyline

Fall season is here

Fall season is here

  • Cape Fear River

Cape Fear River Memorial Bridge

Cape Fear River

Before we left Wilmington, we passed by the “Clothes Over Bros” Store 🙂

Clothes Over Bros

Clothes Over Bros

Look at those views! I wish I could live here!


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